Affiliate program

Make money with Cauri!
You can get up to 50% of Cauri’s margin, attracting Internet-services.
Our partner could be a natural person, an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity. We welcome consulting agencies, website developers and other market players.

How it works?
1. You sign an Agency agreement with Cauri and become an Agent
2. Agent promotes Cauri services and attracts clients: сonducts negotiations, agrees on commercial terms, helps to collect documents for AML check
3. Cauri provides support to the Agent, informing about the current prices, updates in agreements, new services
4. Cauri pays Agent a monthly reward for each attracted merchant*

Why Cauri?
1. UK license giving opportunity to accept payments in favor of foreign merchants
2. Mass payments (payouts) to cards, wallets and mobile accounts of the EU and Russian Federation residents
3. Possibility to have lower rates if accepting payments and making payouts at the same time
4. Simple and easy to use integration

* The size of the Agent's reward is 25% of Cauri's monthly profit from the Internet service when it works on standard terms and 50% when the rates are higher than the standard ones. The current tariffs can be found in the "Prices" section. The commission is settled to the agent's account in EUR. If the remuneration is more than 1000 EUR, the transfer is made monthly. If the amount is less, the agent pays the cost of the payment order or the amount is transferred upon reaching 1000 EUR.

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We are looking forward to prosperous partnership!

To start working with us, fill in the feedback form to open your merchant account and take advantages of the many benefits Cauri can provide your customers.