3,5% + 0,1 EUR*
- without hidden commission
- no fixed charges
- no connection charges
The payment fees might be reduced for certain client groups, depending on the companies’ transaction volumes.

Payment system:
1. Bank cards - 3,5% + 0,1 EUR
The commission is charged only for successful transactions. We work with all types of international bank cards such as Visa and MasterCard.
2. Yandex money – 3,5%. It is one of the most well-known services of online payment systems in Russia. The payment is done by electronic purse through the currency of Russian ruble.
3. QIWI – starting from just 3,5%. QIWI is one of the largest payment services provider.
4. WebMoney – starting from just 2%. WebMoney is a global electronic settlement system which conducts payments in a variety of currencies including RUR, EUR and USD.

Chargeback (the return of funds to a customer): 30 EUR The commission for chargeback processing. 
Refund: 0,5 EUR Voluntary refund made by merchant to a customer (on their mutual agreement) for the payment submitted previously. 

Payments to the bank cards – starting from 3,0% (the charge is defined on the individual basis depending on the company's type and its transaction volume). Payments are made to the bank cards issued by Russian and European banks. 
Possible options for currency conversion: 
1. Conversion is done at the moment when a customer submits the payment and money leaves the customer’s account. 
2. Conversion is done when the payment is processed by online store.

2,5% + 5 EUR*
Our company provides payments to individuals on behalf of legal entities for VISA or MasterCard bank cards and other payment systems. Payouts can be processed to the EU countries and the CIS.

*The final fee rate is individual

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